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Elite Travel Baseball Teams

Snyder Baseball Academy Bucks Elite Travel Baseball Program consists of four teams for 2019-2020; 13U, 14U, 15/16U Showcase* and 17/18U Showcase**.

*League age 14U players that are freshmen in high school are eligible to tryout for the 15/16U Showcase team.

**The 17/18U team is seasonal, with tryouts prior to each fall and summer season. There is no off season program for this age group. The fee for this team is $1600 per each season 

We have only one team in each age group.  


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To provide a year round comprehensive program dedicated to the advancement of the serious player. The program offers an environment in which to develop the skills needed to play at the high school and college level. While the goal is to be competitive, SBA is committed to training and player development. Our staff of instructors is directly involved in the program. For this reason we only have one team in each age group. The emphasis of this program is to educate the whole person, not only in individual skill sets, but athletic values, importance of academics, nutrition, and team / leadership skills. Clearly provided rules for the codes of conduct for players and parents will be strictly enforced.


The program is based on an annual August – July calendar.

15/16U Showcase team will have limited activity after the conclusion of winter program to avoid conflicts with HS programs.  Practices will begin in May and games will start in June. An accelerated schedule of games and tournaments will run through July.)

17/18U Showcase team is a single season program, with tryouts occurring in the fall for the summer season, and spring/summer for the fall season.

Both the 15/16U and 17/18U teams will play 6-8 tournaments / showcases each season. 40

  • Fall season:
    • Practices begin mid-August
    • Approx. 20–25 games
    • Labor Day weekend – Oct. 31
    • Two practices per week – one indoor and one outdoor
    • Double header on Sundays
    • 2-3 tournaments
  • November: Speed and agility camp – three times per week
  • Dec – Feb: Ten week winter training program – once per week
  • Spring / Summer season:
    • Practices begin late Feb.
    • Approx. 40-45 games
    • Mid March – end of July
    • Two practices per week – one indoor and one outdoor
    • One practice may be replaced by mid-week game later in season
    • Double header on Sundays
    • 3-4 Tournaments


All participants must register prior to trying out. You can register online (buttons below) or in person at SBA.  Cost:  $35

Dates for the 2020 17/18U team tryouts:


Required Registration Form
SBA Bucks Tryout Form MUST be completed prior to tryouts. Click the link, below, to download the form to your computer, print the form and fill-in all required information. Please bring the completed form to tryouts!
Click for the SBA BUCKS Tryouts Registration Form

Age Eligibility:

13U – Anyone league age 13 for 2020 (may not be 14 prior to May 1, 2020) and rising 7th graders.

14U – Anyone league age 14 for 2020 (may not be 15 prior to May 1, 2020)
*14 year old high school freshmen are eligible to tryout for the 15/16U Showcase team

15/16U Showcase – Anyone league age 16 for 2020 (may not be 17 prior to May 1, 2020)

17/18U Showcase – Anyone league age 17 for 2020 (may not be 18 prior to May 1, 2020)

Head Coaches for 2019-2020:

13U – Brian Snyder
14U – David Gardziel
15/16U – Micah Higgins
17/18U – Sean McCauley


Brian Snyder – General Manager, SBA
David Carroll
 – Director of Instruction, SBA
Brandon Snyder – Washington Nationals
Mike Snyder – 7 Year Pro Player – Los Angeles Angels and Atlanta Braves Organizations
Matt Snyder – Miami Marlins Organization
Sean McCauley – Former Pro Player – Kansas City Royals Organization, Former Coach – Washington Nationals
David Gardziel – SBA Lead Instructor, Head Coach SBA Bucks
Micah Higgins – Head Coach, Highland Baseball
Michael McMenamin – Former Assistant Coach Virginia Tech, SBA Lead Instructor, Head Coach SBA Bucks
Matt Robles – SBA Instructor

Advisory Board:

Lee Banks – General Manager & Head Coach Tidewater Orioles Scout Team
David Carroll
Mark Harris
Brian Snyder
Brandon Snyder


Fall Season

A SBA staff instructor will be assigned once per week to assist in the development of certain areas during practice sessions.

Off Season

Nov – Speed and Agility Camp, 3 times per week (total of 7 sessions); Dec-Feb – Winter Training Program, 10 weeks (1 time per week).  Players with scheduling conflicts may attend other winter programs, space permitting, in place of the winter program.


All players will be strongly urged to maintain a 3.0 GPA or better. Any player failing to do so will be allowed accommodations during practice and/or game times to help concentrate on academics.

Playing Time:

While the Bucks program will not guarantee any specific amount of playing time, the goal is to prepare each and every player for middle school, high school and college baseball. Every effort will be made to ensure fair and equitable participation. Limitations on the number of positions that a player can feasibly play and level of commitment to the program may affect the amount of playing time.

Cost of the Program:

The total cost for the SBA Bucks year round program, which includes all team fees for league registration, umpires, tournament fees, paid coaches, field usage, assigned instructors, off season speed and agility and winter programs and uniforms (2 hats, 3 jerseys, 1 practice shirt, cage jacket) is $3250 – 17/18U fee is $1600 per season. Spirit wear will be available for purchase.  Fees will be prorated for those joining in mid year.

Payment Plan:

A payment plan is available to all Bucks families choosing to pay by credit card through automatic billing.

For More Information

For more information and to make reservations please call 703-915-7106
or send email to: