Covid Info

As of December 6, 2020 – all camps will be running as scheduled.  We will notify you of any changes.  Please read the below to ensure everyone’s safety.  No spectators allowed in the building.


Latest information from Battlefield SportsPlex (as of 12/19/2020):

***COVID-19 Update 3***

After speaking with The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) in regards to the new guidelines enacted by Governor Northam, The Plex will be operating based on the provisions set forth until further notice. All Fields will be limited to 25 participants to include Coaches or Program Staff. If the Program is Training, each participant must stay 10 feet apart. The previous guidelines remain in effect for recreational games on each of the Fields. Participants must wear a mask if they are not on the Field or in a Cage/Lane and being active. For the Batting Cages/Pitching Lanes, all participants must stay 10 feet apart unless in a Group training utilizing more than 1 Cage/Lane for their rental time. Each individual Cage/Lane will be limited to a total of 3 participants.

Unfortunately, based on the new guidelines Battlefield SportsPlex cannot allow any Spectators for any event at this time.
We at Battlefield SportsPlex recognize that other facilities are interpreting the guidelines differently than we are, which why we contacted VDH for clarification. As always we at Battlefield SportsPlex are dedicated to not only our Staff’s health and safety, but to all of our patrons and Program Partners. We also recognize that this is not an ideal situation for your Winter Training and we will be in contact with each of our Patrons and Program Providers so that we can maximize the services and support that you have been accustomed to at The Plex.

For Travel Restrictions and Procautions, please visit the Virginia Department of Health’s website at




We need your help!!!! Please help us keep your families, and ours, safe. Snyder Baseball and Softball Academy and Battlefield Sportsplex are doing everything in our power to keep everyone safe.

  • NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING (including parents and other children)
  • Some camps will need to follow specific entry and exit procedures.  You will be notified in your confirmation emails.  For example, campers will enter in the front entrance and exit from the rear of the building. See map for more details on exiting building.
  • Everyone entering the building will have temperature taken and must sign a release. Double check in when arriving for camps/lessons.
  • Coaches will be assisting in the transition from one camp to the next to ensure camper safety while exiting the building.
  • Campers are required to wear masks at all times when not actively participating.
  • Social distancing will be practiced at all times.
  • Please do not come in the building if you are experiencing any symptoms.
  • No children allowed, other than those participating in the instructional programs.


Due to COVID19, there will be additional safety requirements. All players must submit a consent/waiver form prior to participating in camp (no waiver/no camp). The waiver is provided online during registration and you must agree in order to submit. Battlefield SportsPlex will also require a separate waiver to be signed first day of camp. All players will have their temperature taken daily and must have their own hand sanitizer. Players are also required to have a face mask with them and must be worn when not in the activity areas (i.e. using restroom, any area where general public is present, etc.). Face masks are NOT REQUIRED during camp activities. All players/coaches will be required to have 10 feet spacing at all times. Please discuss with your children the importance of following these guidelines.

Click to download the Snyder Baseball Academy Covid-19 Waiver Form