Registration Information

Please register with the name of the player attending the camp.  If you have multiple children, please register each child individually.  Once you have created the accounts – you can go into one of the child’s profiles and select “Relationships”.  From here you can add a sibling.  You will receive an email to confirm this relationship.   Once the relationship is created and approved, this will allow you to select any child during the registration process (add camps to cart for multiple children and pay one invoice).

If you have already created a log-in, please use that information for the summer camp registration process.  You can still go into the profile and create relationships to see multiple children.  If you have any issues, please use the “Having Trouble?” or contact us.  We have seen many players with duplicate accounts in the system (maybe a parent registered, two accounts due to using different email addresses, etc).

Let us know If the account is under a parent’s name – we can edit this from our end.